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Application Scientist - Biophysics

Netherlands, Zuid-Holland, DelftDevelopment

Job description

Do you want to be in close contact with customers around the world and identify applications of Single Quantum's single photon detection technology? Do you have a solid technical background in biophysics, combined with excellent communication skills and a commercial mindset? Do you want be part of a diverse and dynamic scale-up company? By all means, please read on!

As Application Scientist, you will look for opinion leaders, scientific collaborators, business partners, and potential customers in the field of bio-imaging. You will work closely with our R&D team to understand what applications we can empower and you will work closely the Sales & Marketing team to explore the market potential. You will analyze the demand of the market to give feedback to the teams.

The tasks include but are not limited to:

  • Contact potential customers and set up demonstrations and collaborations.
  • Attend conferences and trade shows to present Single Quantum's technology and find new applications and opportunities.
  • Working with customers and partners and building a close relationships.
  • Facilitate interactions between customers and R&D Team and participate in general scientific guidance and workflow deployment.
  • Engage in cutting-edge scientific research and development projects.
  • Carrying out experiments together with (potential) customers to demonstrate diverse applications at customers' sites and in Single Quantum's lab.

Job requirements

We’re looking for a commercial techie who has...

  • A PhD degree in bio-imaging or a highly related field.
  • A solid technical background, knowledge and hands-on experience of bio-imaging techniques.
  • Knowledge and/or experience in quantum optics is a plus.
  • A positive, hands-on attitude combined with a relentless will to get things to work.
  • Excellent presentation skills and interpersonal skills.
  • Excellent oral and written English.
  • Enjoy traveling and working with people.

We are Single Quantum

At Single Quantum, we confront every challenge with innovation, dedication, and passion. Founded in 2012, our team has emerged as true pioneers of single photon detection technology. We were among the first to manufacture and commercialize superconducting nanowire single photon detectors. Since then, our multi-channel Single Quantum Eos photon detection system has been chosen by more than 100 academic and industrial labs all over the world to perform complex optical measurements.

We want to share this groundbreaking technology with the world. Single Quantum will continue to develop and improve the world’s fastest and most sensitive light detection systems. Join us in turning photons into data!

We like to hear from you!

If the role and working at Single Quantum excites you, we encourage you to apply via the above button.

If you have any questions before applying or would like to have a general conversation about Single Quantum, you can send an e-mail to